Your treatment depends on the type of infection:

Inner ear infection

Inner ear infections are generally treated with one or more medications to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and fight the infection.

Middle ear infection

Dr. Gergits may recommend pain medication to keep your child comfortable, and then take a wait-and-see approach.

The symptoms generally improve in a few days, and most middle ear infections heal within two weeks. Giving the ear time to heal naturally avoids the need for antibiotics.

If fluids stay in the ear after the infection heals, Dr. Gergits may insert ear tubes. Ear tubes prevent future infections by ventilating the ear and allowing fluids to drain.

Outer ear infection

It’s important to get an outer ear infection treated promptly because this type of ear infection often progressively worsens.

Your treatment may include cleaning the ear canal and using ear drops to reduce inflammation, fight bacteria, and restore the ear’s normal antibacterial environment.

At the first sign of an ear infection, call Sinus & Allergy Wellness Center or book an appointment online.