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How You Can Start Preparing For Spring Allergies Now

While people flock to Arizona for the warm year-round temperatures, Mother Nature still works on a seasonal basis, and springtime is full of irritants that, well, spring to life. If you struggle with seasonal allergies, now is the time to prepare yourself and your surroundings for a smooth transition into the season of renewal.

At Sinus & Allergy Wellness Center, our team of allergy specialists, led by Dr. Franklyn Gergits, understands the effect that seasonal changes can have on those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to offset the sneezing, wheezing, and watery eyes that flare-up in the spring.

Arm yourself

One of the most important steps you can take is to come and see us before spring arrives. Pollen and mold can start to fly as early as February, so get a jump on the season by arming yourself with the medications you need well in advance.

To start, we offer immunotherapy, which can help reduce the symptoms of hay fever in 85% of those who have allergic rhinitis.

While immunotherapy is often referred to as “allergy shots,” we offer sublingual (under your tongue) drops that are equally effective.

During this visit, we can also discuss any additional medications you should have on hand to combat spring allergies.

Prepping the home

Spring is a time when you can throw open the windows and let the fresh air in. But if you have seasonal allergies, not so fast. Keep your windows closed during the early spring months and give your house a good cleaning periodically. This means vacuuming with a HEPA filter and getting into anything that holds irritants, namely upholstered furniture and bedding.

You should also make sure that you update the filter on your AC unit before spring arrives.

Track the pollen

If you love to get outdoors, track the pollen counts from day to day, and confine your outdoor activities to periods when pollen counts are lowest. Pollen tends to be most abundant between 5 am and 10 am, so try to limit your time outdoors on warm, sunny days between these hours.

Most weather apps include pollen and mold stats, so be sure to check in daily to see what awaits you outside the door.

Irrigate and clean

Another great way to keep irritants to a minimum during the spring is to routinely flush out your nasal passageways. You should also be sure to keep your clothes clean and shower before you hop into bed. Many spring irritants cling to clothing, so you may even want to swap out your clothes when you come in from the outdoors.

With a little preparation, you can enjoy your spring months without succumbing to the misery of hay fever. To get started with your pre-spring allergy appointment, contact one of our two locations in Fountain Hills or Scottsdale, Arizona.