Intersect ENT’s Sinuva Implant launched at Scottsdale Wellness Center!

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In April 2018, Intersect ENT held its first Sinuva Summit at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Frank Gergits from the Sinus & Allergy Wellness Center of Scottsdale was one of only a few physicians from the west coast to attend this special event. The select few ENT’s (ear, nose, and throat physicians) who were in attendance at the conference were chosen as the early "pioneers" to bring this innovative, new therapy to patients suffering from chronic sinusitis with nasal polyposis.

What is the Sinuva Sinus Implant

The sinus medication insert has recently been approved by the FDA and has been shown to be safe, effective and patient-preferred in those who suffer from nasal blockage, loss of smell and chronic infection. This new treatment will provide long term steroid delivery locally in the nasal/sinus cavities. Furthermore, this device and procedure speeds up recovery time, saves money and reduces complications for allergy sufferers, since the procedure for placing this device takes less than an hour and occurs in our convenient Scottsdale office under local anesthesia instead of requiring overnight hospital stays.

If you have been diagnosed with nasal polyposis or if you suffer from chronic nasal blockage, postnasal drainage, chronic sinus infections and loss of or decreased sense of smell, you may be a candidate for this new procedure.

Call or email the Sinus and Allergy Wellness Center of North Scottsdale for an evaluation. Same-day appointments are always available!

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