Sinus Symptoms

Is Your Sinus Pain Becoming Unbearable?

Are your symptoms annoying, persistent, exhausting?
  • Facial Pressure or Pain

  • Swollen, irritated eyes

  • Sniffling and sneezing

  • Postnasal Drip

  • Annoying Cough

  • Headache

  • Sniffling and sneezing

  • Difficulty Sleeping

Diagnosing the cause of sinus pain is the first step to finding relief. Our sinus specialists can determine what’s causing your sinus symptoms.

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How Sinus Swelling Causes Infection

The hollow spaces around and behind the eyes and nose are known as the sinus cavities. These openings help with the normal functions of airflow and drainage in the nasal passages. If irritation or blockage occurs, the narrow openings to the sinuses can swell.

Normal function is disrupted, resulting in congestion and stagnation in the sinus cavities.  Bacteria and viruses become trapped, causing more inflammation and swelling, which lead to sinus pain and pressure, sinusitis, and infection.

Don’t Get Trapped in a Sinusitis Cycle

Sinusitis and chronic sinus infections can leave you feeling constantly sick and anxious about missing time from work, school, family and friends.  The pain and annoyance seem unending.

If you are experiencing an ongoing sinus infection, or more than 4 sinus episodes a year, you might be struggling with chronic sinusitis.  You may have tried numerous over-the-counter medications and decongestants, or made numerous trips to the doctor.   Maybe antibiotics seemed to help at first, but then the infection returned.  The sinusitis cycle continues.

You will find meaningful, long-lasting sinus relief only when the real cause of your sinusitis is corrected.