PROPEL Sinus Implant

An Advanced Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis

PROPEL is clinically proven to improve surgical outcomes for chronic sinusitis sufferers.

Sinus surgery may be the only option for patients with chronic sinusitis. During the surgery, the ENT doctor will enter the sinuses to clean out the infection. While surgery provides benefits to many patients, inflammation and scarring can occur and reduce the benefits of the surgery.

PROPEL is placed in the sinus following surgery, and decreases scarring and inflammation, reducing the need for additional surgical procedures as well as oral steroids and their potential side effects.

The spring-like PROPEL implant props open the ethmoid sinus to maintain the surgical opening, delivers an anti-inflammatory medication directly to the sinus lining, and then dissolves, avoiding the need for removal.

Why choose PROPEL?

People with Chronic Sinusitis experience

  • Facial pain and pressure

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Nasal congestion

  • Loss of taste and smell

Without the latest they are most likely to become blocked again by inflammation, scarring, and polyps which can reoccur and start the cycle of chronic sinus infections all over again.

PROPEL maintains the opening after surgery and delivers medicine directly to the sinus to keep it from getting blocked. It is safe and effective!

Here is what our patients are saying after PROPEL:

“After the first surgery, it felt like I was completely awake but it was short lived. After 6 weeks, I felt so sick again. I went to another surgeon and he recommended inserting PROPEL into the sinuses after surgery. After it was completed, I felt great and I stayed feeling great! I stayed clear!”