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When you have sinus headaches, it’s important to see a specialist like those at Sinus & Allergy Wellness Center. You may be able to relieve the pain with over-the-counter medications, but chances are your headache will return because chronically-inflamed sinuses need innovative treatment such as a balloon sinuplasty to achieve long-lasting relief. To schedule a comprehensive evaluation, use the online booking feature or call one of our offices in Fountain Hills or Scottsdale, Arizona.

Headache FAQ

What causes a sinus headache?2020-09-09T15:54:05-07:00

Your sinuses are air-filled cavities in your facial bones that are lined with mucus-producing membranes. As mucus is produced, it leaves the sinus through a small opening and goes into your nasal cavity.

When the mucous membranes become inflamed, swelling blocks the opening and mucus is trapped in the sinus.

As the mucus accumulates, an infection called sinusitis develops. The fluids and swelling inside your sinuses cause a significant amount of pressure. As a result, you get a sinus headache.

You can also get a sinus headache from nasal congestion, whether it’s due to a cold, allergies, or a physical obstruction.

An infection that starts in your nose may spread into your sinuses. It’s also possible for nasal congestion to block the sinus opening, resulting in the buildup of mucus and sinus pressure.

What symptoms develop due to a sinus headache?2020-09-09T15:54:35-07:00

In addition to headache pain, you may experience:

  • Pain and pressure around your eyes
  • Pain and pressure across your cheeks and forehead
  • Achiness in your jaw or upper teeth
  • Fever and chills
  • Facial swelling
  • Nasal congestion
  • Yellow or green nasal discharge

A sinus headache can also cause extreme fatigue.

How is a sinus headache treated?2020-09-09T15:54:50-07:00

Dr. Gergits evaluates your sinuses and completes a thorough examination so that he can rule out another type of headache.

He also determines if you have allergies such as hay fever, which often cause nasal congestion and sinusitis. He may perform an in-office CAT scan to look for blockages and determine if you have nasal polyps or other structural problems.

Your treatment is customized to provide optimal relief for the type and severity of headache. You may get symptom relief using conservative therapies.

For example, many patients use a vaporizer or a cool-mist humidifier. Dr. Gergits may also prescribe medications, such as decongestants, antihistamines, or nasal steroid sprays.

You’ll achieve long-lasting relief for chronic sinusitis by undergoing a balloon sinuplasty with the OPEN ProcedureSM.

During a balloon sinuplasty, Dr. Gergits gently threads a narrow catheter through your nose to the blocked sinus. After the device is in place, a balloon is inflated in the opening. Then Dr. Gergits cleans the sinus and deflates and removes the balloon.

Pressure from the inflated balloon restructures the sinus opening. As a result, it stays open even when the balloon is gone, and normal sinus drainage is restored.

To get relief from sinus headaches, call Sinus & Allergy Wellness Center or book an appointment online.

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