Outdoor Allergens in Arizona

Why Are My Allergies So Bad in Arizona?

It seems like allergies already make our lives miserable enough, but they have also been linked to depression and suicide rates. This does not mean that allergies cause depression, but they can worsen the symptoms.

Of course, everyone thinks of pollen and dust as the main culprits of allergies.

In Kentucky, with plants everywhere, regular rainfall, and lots of agriculture, you would expect allergies. Now that you live in Arizona, you might have thought that the southwestern desert would be the ideal place to escape your allergies, right?

Instead, throughout the year you find yourself wondering, "Why are my allergies so bad?!" As much as moving to the desert seemed like a nice escape from allergy symptoms, it doesn't quite work out that way.

Sources of Outdoor  Allergens in Arizona

Arizona is blessed with a year-round growing season, which means that there are always some plants producing pollen. As well, dust, air pollution, and mold are all common allergens that can wreak havoc on your body. Our climate is great for plants and farmers and the availability of fresh produce, but bad for the many people suffering from perennial allergies.

Here’s how you can lessen the effects of common, non-pollen allergens:

*** Track our local daily pollen levels here and pollution pollen levels here. ***

What are the biggest pollen producers in Arizona?

The top allergy-aggravating plant is Ragweed. Nothing about that word makes anyone smile... With several species being native to the Phoenix area, Ragweed creates LOTS of pollen.

Trees make plenty of pollen too, especially between December and May.

Finding Relief from your Desert Allergies

Of course, it isn't enough to list everything that can cause allergic reactions. The list above is in no way exhaustive. Medical journals exist for such lists.

What can you do about these pollens that make you feel awful and limit your outdoor activities?

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