Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing Services

Do you struggle with chronic headaches, constant sinus infections, or congestion which makes it difficult to breathe?

Allergies can make you feel as terrible as any illness. Our allergy testing service at our Scottsdale clinic helps us pinpoint what your body is reacting to so we can develop a plan to help you feel better.

We can test for the following types of allergies:

  • Foods and food additives

  • Molds

  • Pollen, plants, and flowers

  • Animals and bugs

  • Chemicals

  • Minerals

  • Vitamins and Nutrients

Allergy Testing In Scottsdale, AZ

When is it time to schedule an allergy test?

Allergy tests can be expensive, and a doctor’s visit is never convenient. So we don’t tend to ask you to get one right away. Instead, we can help review your past medical records, your own recollection, the timing, and the symptoms to find out when you tend to feel your worst.

If, for example, you see you’re getting bronchitis or sinus infections (or just feeling lousy) every October, we can venture a guess your allergies are coming from grass pollen, ragweed, thistle, etc. If your illness arises in the spring, your allergies may be due to Arizona cypress, mesquite, elm trees, or others. We’d suggest you start taking antihistamines like Claritin, Zyrtec, or Allegra before the season starts. We’d also suggest you use a sinus rinse and a steroid nasal spray at night.

All this pre-treats the allergy, and if you keep doing it till winter you would typically be able to get through the entire season without feeling bad. If you can’t, then this could indicate the presence of another, less common allergy. At that point, allergy testing would be appropriate.

The allergy test will help us pinpoint if you’re also allergic to dogs, cats, foods, or anything else with which you might be coming into contact. We can then help you start avoiding these allergens so we can reduce the burden on your body. Your body starts showing allergy symptoms when it’s overwhelmed with things its allergic to. If we can keep it from becoming overwhelmed, we can keep you from feeling bad.

How do allergy tests work?

During an allergy test, we will prick or lightly scratch your back or forearm with a single drop of suspected allergens. If you’re allergic to something, in particular, we will see redness or swelling at the site of that scratch or prick. The result looks and feels like a mosquito bite. Often, this method lets us find allergies you never even suspected you had.

When administered under the care of allergy specialists like the team here at the Sinus and Allergy Wellness Center, this is an extremely low-risk test. While it may sound like a painful procedure, most of our patients report they feel very little during the test itself, save for the “mosquito bite” sensation they may receive when the test results are positive.

In some cases, we may call for a blood test. We usually do this if one of your prescriptions would interfere with the results of a skin test. We also do this for patients who suffer from severe skin conditions like eczema.

How do the results of an allergy test help improve the quality of life?

Knowing the exact allergies you’re struggling with offers options for managing them.

If these are airborne substances like dust or mold, we can recommend air filters, air purifiers, and other products that can make your home more comfortable and reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with allergic reactions.

Once we know which allergens are causing your symptoms, we will be able to prescribe a customized medication plan to help you manage allergic responses.

Why not just use a home allergy test or one my chiropractor will do?

Home allergy tests and tests offered by grocery stores, pharmacies, and non-certified “allergy doctors” are not always accurate. They can even be dangerous if the test’s results conclude that you are not allergic to a substance which is, in fact, a danger to you. Remember, with severe allergies there’s always a chance of going into anaphylactic shock, which can kill you if it’s not caught and treated immediately.

False positives can cause you to give up trigger substances you don’t need to give up. This can lead to frustration, unnecessary spending, and most of all a series of lifestyle changes that will not solve your respiratory problems, headaches, pain or sinus issues.

A professional allergy test is often covered by insurance. It is a quick in-office procedure and you can get results immediately.

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Ready to schedule your allergy test?

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You can end the misery your allergies cause. Convenient Allergy testing and treatment are available for patients in Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe and surrounding areas at our office in North Scottsdale.