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We Provide Premier Allergy Treatment Options

Sinus & Allergy Wellness Center provides immunotherapy treatment to patients throughout Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding areas. Patients can find various allergen immunotherapy options at our state-of-the-art wellness center. If you suffer from allergies, you’ve come to the right place. Some patients may be good candidates for immunotherapy. This treatment is commonly known as allergy shots, but at Sinus & Allergy Wellness Center, most patients get their immunotherapy in the form of allergy drops that go under the tongue. We can match any treatment to your unique needs.
Immunotherapy Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ
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What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a preventive treatment for allergic reactions. Allergy immunotherapy involves giving a patient a dose of the substance to which they are allergic and gradually increasing it. The incremental increases of the allergen cause the immune system to become less sensitive to the substance reducing the allergic reaction when the substance is reencountered later. Immunotherapy can also reduce the inflammation characterizing rhinitis and asthma.

The Types of Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a great way to treat allergies. The body’s immune system can learn to respond in new and healthy ways through allergen exposure. We will review your test results and medical profile to determine the best treatment plan for you. The two types of immunotherapy options we offer are:

  • Allergy Shots– Allergy shots are typically administered in the upper arm and contain a small number of your allergens.
  • Allergy Drops– Allergy drops are placed under your tongue and are a more convenient alternative to allergy shots.

How Does Immunotherapy Work?

Immunotherapy works similarly to a vaccine. The body responds to the injected allergen and develops immunity or tolerance to it with its gradually increased doses.

The Benefits of Immunotherapy

When it comes to immunotherapy, patients with various allergies can enjoy numerous benefits. Patients who do not tolerate oral medications well might do better with allergy shots or drops. Allergy shots can be taken weekly and then eventually monthly. The cost of allergy shots is less expensive than oral medications in the long run, as they will not always need to be taken. With immunotherapy allergy shots, patients can expect the following benefits:

  • Decreased dependence on oral allergy medication
  • Decreased long-term costs
  • Long-term allergy relief
  • The causes of your allergies being treated, not just their symptoms
  • Multiple allergies can be treated at once
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What Kinds of Allergies Are Treated With Immunotherapy?

Allergy shots can treat allergies to bee stings, pollen, dust mites, mold, and pet dander. Allergy drops can treat allergies to ragweed, Timothy grass, dust mites, and more.

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Sinus & Allergy Wellness Center’s highly-skilled team and top-of-the-line technology can efficiently treat your allergies with immunotherapy allergy shots and drops, depending on your unique needs. It is our mission to help our valued patients live and breathe more easily and comfortably. To schedule a consultation with our professionals, contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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