"I can breathe through my nose."
"I asked Santa for a gift and Dr. Gergits gave that gift to me. For 30 years I had this problem and now I can breathe!  Thank you Dr. Gergits!"
- Kerry

"You gave me a whole new outlook on life."
"My nose used to be so stuffy, and now it is perfect. I tell everyone who has a problem with their nose to come see you."
- R.O.

"I would recommend this procedure to anyone struggling with sinus pressure."
"It certainly beats having headaches every single day. Not only do my eyes feel less pressure but my nose is more open too. The main reason I came to see Dr. Gergits was to relieve my headaches and that is exactly what he did after performing Balloon Sinuplasty (nasal sinus procedure). "
- Jacob

"I always tell everyone what a wonderful job Dr. Gergits has done."
"I can finally breathe and smell better. It is a fantastic feeling!"
- Anne Marie Nesbitt

"Dr. Gergits really educated me and helped my whole system."
"I have never had allergies until I moved to this area. Dr. Gergits really educated me and helped my whole my system. He has made a huge difference in my life. I am much healthier now. Allergy testing is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!"
- Christine

"I would recommend this service to all my friends and family.""
"The shots have greatly reduced my sneezing and my runny rose. My skin rashes have healed and it has relieved my itching. For me, the time invested in allergy shots was well worth it. I feel much better and rarely take allergy medication anymore."
- Carla

"You have saved my life! I can finally breathe again."
"I have not needed to use any nasal sprays since. This has been going on now for over 3 years and now it is gone. I tell anybody that will listen to me that this worked great for me and really changed my life. Thank you so much Dr. Gergits!"
- O.R.

"The difference is absolutely amazing."
"I breathe so well throughout my day and sleep much better at night. I honestly forgot what it was like to breathe out of my nose."
- T.D.

"Thank you Dr. Gergits for helping me breathe better!"
"Being able to breathe right [has improved the most after the nasal-sinus procedure]. I used to get headaches ALL the time, but I have not had one since. My runny nose and constant drainage has gone away completely.
- E.A.

"Dr. Gergits and his team have been very knowledgeable and helpful during this process."
"Being able to breathe right [has improved the most after the nasal-sinus procedure]. I used to get headaches ALL the time, but I have not had one since. My runny nose and constant drainage has gone away completely."
- G.N.

"What an improvement!"
"My breathing out of the right side of my nose has improved immensely. I still have some allergy issues but it is noticeably better. I could not believe my results. I felt instant relief and could immediately breathe better. I have not had any sinus headaches since the surgery and my drainage has improved a lot. This procedure has been a 180 degree turn-around for me. I feel better every day. I have not had any side effects or after effects. I would recommend Dr. Gergits and this procedure to anyone struggling with sinus problems. The healing process was amazing! I only had a little bit of discomfort the next day but I did not need to take any medication. The process was very smooth!"
- Charles

"It is a total night and day difference."
"Since my Balloon Sinuplasty procedure a year ago, I have had one day with slight sinus pressure. I feel absolutely incredible. I used to be on antibiotics 7 times a year.  Thank you Dr. Gergits!"
- J.E.

"My biggest improvement is the volume of air I breathe through my nose."
"I suffered from headaches and facial pressure for too many years but not anymore. I had to use Afrin on a daily basis in order to get a little air flow through my nose. I have not had any congestion since the procedure."
- A.E.

"I feel great now."
"As much as I did not want surgery, I am glad I had the procedure.  I was nervous but the medications used made me feel comfortable for the procedure. Thank you Dr. Gergits!"
- V.H.

"I am extremely pleased with the turnout of procedure."
"I was seen after having years of nasal congestion and blockage.  After having the procedure, I have noticed a huge difference in my breathing.  I am so happy Dr. Meloy sent me to you, it was money well spent. Dr. Gergits is very professional and speaks in a language we can understand."
- Mark B.

"After having Balloon Sinuplasty I feel amazing."
"Over the years I have learned to live with sinus pressure and discomfort.   It was not painful, at all!  You would think it would hurt really badly but it did not.  I would have it done again if needed.  The office staff was wonderful."
- S.C.

"Thank you Dr. Gergits for giving Mike the ability to breathe."
"He is ecstatic with his results.  I could not believe how much stuff (polyps) you pulled from his nose, right here is the office."
- Mrs. McD

"I can breathe and sleep so much better."
"Thank you!"
- M.D.

"I am thrilled!"
"I tried using the CPAP machine but still had side effects.  I had to wake up multiple times a night because of "dry mouth" and blockage.  I would often not use the machine those nights.I then came back to the office to see what other options were available to me.  Dr. Gergits recommended a turbinate reduction.  So, I had this procedure done and I have not looked back since.  My sleep has improved greater than 50%, at least.  I can use my CPAP machine all night long now with no side effects.I would recommend this procedure to others who were in a similar situation as me.  I had no idea this existed.  I knew a friend who had nose surgery but did not have any luck in resolving his problems.  This procedure was fast with very little recovery time.  The procedure was great and it worked."
- Michael H.

"I will highly recommend Dr. Gergits to family and friends and will continue to bring my child to their clinic for exceptional care!"
"My 3 year old son was seen in the clinic for the first time yesterday. The office staff couldn't have been more patient and personable. The nursing staff treated Jaxson like one of their own and put him at ease immediately. We saw the NP and absolutely loved her. She was so gentle and understood the discomfort my son had from a double ear infection. We met Dr. Gergits (briefly after our visit with the NP) and he was very outgoing and friendly."
- Tonja S-D

"I would recommend their services to all my friends and family."
"I've had allergy testing, hearing testing, and surgery. I had a really good experience with all of their staff."
- Anonymous

"I scheduled my appointment and am so thankful I did."
"I came into Dr. Gergits office after suffering for years with sinus infections, headaches, and pain and pressure under my eyes.  I tried numerous over the counter medications but they did not work.  After Dr. Gergits examined me, he explained a procedure he does in-office called Balloon Sinuplasty, which he said was a quick and easy way to relieve sinus pressure. After the procedure I was absolutely amazed to feel the instant relief.  I had no pain during or after the procedure.  I was back to my normal activities in just two days.  Since my procedure, I have not had any sinus infections. Dr. Gergits has truly made my life better.  I feel better and breathe better.  My entire family comes to Dr. Gergits and I would recommend him to anyone.  If you or someone you know is struggling with sinus problems, you need to have them stop by and talk with their trained staff.  There is nothing to it.”"
- Bill C.

"I just wanted to take the time to compliment the staff and services I received in the help with my daughter."
"You have a wonderful staff and I'm happy I had the chance to work with them, and would recommend your services to everyone I know.”"
- Patti M.

Please note:  Every patient is unique, and your results may vary.

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