How Allergy Drops Can Boost Workplace Productivity

How productive was your last “increasing workplace productivity” meeting? How many new productivity-boosting practices and apps have you spent time and money putting in place? Here’s some advice from your neighborhood otolaryngologist: ditch the fruitless meetings, cancel your wasteful productivity software, and invest in allergy drops.

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Fish Oil Supplements

Some old wives’ tales have only become more absurd as our understanding of science and medicine continues to improve. The “five second rule” is generally not observed as a truth among adults, and it’s taken about as seriously as the notion that chewing gum can stick to the stomach for seven years.

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Anglers with Allergies: 5 things an angler with seasonal allergies needs in the tackle box.

Imagine trying to catch your trophy while your fishing buddy is sneezing excessively. Goodbye, fish! Seasonal allergies can cause airway irritation that could be as minor as an occasional sneeze to a serious life-threatening anaphylactic reaction. It is estimated that one in four Americans suffer from allergies.

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5 Common Mistakes in Treating Allergies

The five most common ways people combat their allergy symptoms usually do not provide any relief at all. Here are five common mistakes and advice on how to better control allergy symptoms, including runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, and headaches.

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People with Allergies may be at Greater Risk for COVID-19 and 6 Ways to Reduce the Risks

People with Allergies may be at higher risk for contracting COVID-19, because: We are currently in tree pollen season, which means that our immune system may be a little more stressed now than during non-pollen sensitive seasons.

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5 Tips for Surviving Fall Allergies

Fall is not necessarily a season you associate with allergies. But in places like Arizona that have a year-round growing season, allergies aren’t just a spring thing. And the fall is particularly difficult because of ragweed pollen.

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Outdoor Allergens in Arizona

It seems like allergies already make our lives miserable enough, but they have also been linked to depression and suicide rates. This does not mean that allergies cause depression, but they can worsen the symptoms. Of course, everyone thinks of pollen and dust as the main culprits of allergies.

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Antihistamines vs Nasal Sprays: What is the best medicine for sinus & allergy issues?

Now that allergies happen all year in Arizona due to different types of pollen and desert plants, sufferers are looking for relief and treatment using over-the-counter medicines. Antihistamines are just one type of over the counter medication that is used to relieve cold, sinus and allergy symptoms.

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‘Tis the Season for Indoor Allergies

Allergens are substances that are foreign to the body and can cause an allergic reaction in certain people. Allergens are everywhere in the world around us. Examples of common allergens are pollen, foods, and mold.

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