Sinusitis Statistics 2020-2019 – Sinusitis Facts and Data Trends

Sinusitis impacts approximately 30 million adults annually in the United States alone. It causes billions of dollars in economic impact and millions of days in lost time from work. Because of this, sinusitis receives a broad research focus.

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Plagued by Chronic Sinusitis? You May Have Nasal Polyps

For many people with nasal polyps, life goes on without effect. These noncancerous growths can result from any number of sources and may not cause complications. However, for some people, these soft bulbs of tissue can affect your breathing, sense of smell, and even leave you prone to frequent infections.

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The Difference Between Sinusitis & Allergies

When you are suffering from sinus symptoms it can be difficult to know exactly what is going on with your body. You know that something doesn’t feel the way it should, and you have a good understanding of when it’s more serious than a standard cold, but knowing exactly what is causing your symptoms can be hard to pin down.

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What is Chronic Sinusitis and What Can You Do About It

Every year, chronic sinusitis affects millions of Americans. In fact, it's the reason for between 18 and 22 million physician visits. This incredibly common condition only seems to be becoming more prevalent, and it costs the U.S. $3.4-5 billion each year.

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