How Do Allergy Drops Work?

Similar to allergy shots, allergy drops expose you to small doses of antigens that gradually help you build a tolerance against the things you’re allergic to. Also known as sublingual immunotherapy...

2021-07-29T21:53:57-07:00June 4th, 2021|Allergies|

How Allergy Drops Can Boost Workplace Productivity

How productive was your last “increasing workplace productivity” meeting? How many new productivity-boosting practices and apps have you spent time and money putting in place? Here’s some advice from your neighborhood otolaryngologist: ditch the fruitless meetings, cancel your wasteful productivity software, and invest in allergy drops.

2020-10-15T12:01:25-07:00June 22nd, 2020|Allergies, Supplements|

Fish Oil Supplements

Some old wives’ tales have only become more absurd as our understanding of science and medicine continues to improve. The “five second rule” is generally not observed as a truth among adults, and it’s taken about as seriously as the notion that chewing gum can stick to the stomach for seven years.

2020-10-15T13:14:33-07:00June 8th, 2020|Allergies, Supplements|
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