Local Doctor Freezing Noses in Arizona

woman blowing nose

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, September 27, 2018 - It's unusual to hear of anything freezing in Arizona in the summer, let alone noses. But Dr. Franklyn R. Gergits, lead physician, and sinus surgeon at The Sinus and Allergy Wellness Center of North Scottsdale are doing just that. On August 28, 2018, he performed the first 5 ClariFix procedures.

ClariFix is a new medical breakthrough which uses cryotherapy to put a stop to persistent runny, stuffy noses (chronic rhinitis).

ClariFix is a noninvasive therapy. Doctors apply liquid nitrogen to the inside of the nose, shutting down the irritated nerves which trigger frequent drainage. 80% of the patients who undergo this treatment find immediate improvement for this persistent, annoying, and embarrassing problem.

The procedure is largely pain-free and takes about half an hour to complete.

"My patients reported a Pain Score of 0 out of 10 after their ClariFix treatment," says Gergits. "The only complaint I've heard so far is some of them experienced a slight feeling of pressure in the nasal cavity."

Gergits goes on to say some patients will see improvement in as little as 48 hours, though it can take a few weeks for all the benefits to present themselves. Some even see an improvement in the overall amount of congestion they suffer.

"Either way," Gergits adds, "ClariFix offers the quality of life improvements to those who have suffered from chronic rhinitis."

The Sinus and Allergy Wellness Center has a history of being among the early adopters of the most relevant ENT technology which may help patients. For example, the center was also one of the first to offer the revolutionary Open Procedure Balloon Sinuplasty treatment shortly after that treatment received FDA approval.

ClariFix received FDA approval in 2017. Physicians who wish to offer ClariFix must invest in the technology and undergo an extensive qualification process.

To learn more about ClariFix, visit www.clarifix.com. To learn more about the Sinus and Allergy Wellness Center of North Scottsdale, visit the home page.

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