Scottsdale Doctor Gains Special Approval To Perform Newly Approved Sinuva Treatment

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Scottsdale AZ - Dr. Frank Gergits a leading Scottsdale ENT specialist, who almost exclusively deals with sinus issues is delighted to announce that he has been granted special permission in Arizona to perform a breakthrough new treatment called Sinuva. Sinuva is a nasal polyp treatment that can remove the need for surgery and in many situations prevent the return of nose polyps, preventing further uncomfortable treatment for the patient. It has recently been approved by the FDA but requires special authority before being used by a doctor. Dr. Gergits is one of a select number of Doctors who have been granted this authority due to his vast experience and specialist knowledge in the field of sinus and nasal obstruction.


The Sinuva implant for sinus/nose problems works by shrinking nasal polyps and subsequently reducing nasal obstruction and congestion. Sinuva remains in the sinus for up to 90 days slowly releasing the medicine, which then provides relief for the patient over an extended period of time.


Sinuva has many benefits over traditional sinus surgery, with patients exposed to the possibility of numerous complications. These complications include but are not limited to failure to resolve the infection, recurrence of the original sinus problem, bleeding and even a loss or reduction of the sense of smell of taste.


“I am absolutely thrilled to be able to offer Sinuva treatment to my patients, as I believe it is a much less invasive procedure and offers reduced risks to the patient compared to more traditional surgery. There is also clinical evidence to show that this treatment can prevent the return of nose polyps. As a sinus specialist, I am focused on being at the cutting edge of medical advances and treatment, and Sinuva is, in my opinion, is a game changer.” Dr. Franklyn Gergits, D.O.


The Sinus and Allergy Wellness Clinic is a locally owned and operated medical clinic that focuses on providing treatment to patients suffering from sinus and allergy problems. All of the staff are committed to providing the highest quality sinus, allergy, sleep and snoring care available.

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